Thursday, 16 August 2012

Black Ops 2 Weapons

Choice of right weapons is the key to success in Black Ops 2 game. Weapons are usually categorized in terms of reload time, accuracy, penetration, extent of damage and range of fire. While you are on the mission you might need different weapons to tackle different situation and it is here that right choice matters.
Some of the popular Black ops 2 weapons include submachine guns (SMG), assault rifles, shotgun, pistols, and grenades while some typical but highly effective weapons include ballistic knife and cross bow. But you need to have a complete control over their usage else the enemy might overpower you.

We will concentrate more on the usage of grenades which are quite effective but many players tend to undermine their importance or they are simply not aware about the right time to use them. There are basically two types of grenades, frag and tactical. Frag grenades are used to flush out the enemy and can be used when your enemy is behind the hills or a strong cover so you find it really tough to target them with the gun. A better way is to hurl the frag grenade to the place where you think or know the enemy is hiding. Once the enemy starts running then you get an upper hand and you can easily shoot them with the assault rifle or SMG if they are in the range. Tactical grenade is used to stun the enemy with a flash bank and you need to act swiftly to draw the full advantage. You should also be conscious to evade being stunned by the same.

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