Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Black Ops 2: Experience the Cold War Era

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is perhaps one of the most adventurous games that is based on the real stories by the Black ops soldiers on survival and completion of strategic missions. The surreal graphics of this game takes you to the snow capped mountains of erstwhile Soviet union and you will also crawl through the dense green jungles of Vietnam or other parts of Asia. If you are an adventure buff and you like role- playing then Black Ops is perhaps the most satisfying virtual game. You will be part of the elite Special Forces unit who is supposed to fight several covert warfare and open shoots where it is your guts, presence of mind and shooting skill that will keep you or the mission alive.

You have the option to play solo or engage in multiplayer games .Black ops 2 is more delightful, more adventurous version of the Call of Duty series. There is lots of fireworks, there are lots of enemies, there is lots of sophisticated weapons and vehicles to keep you hooked to the game. Moreover, it is not about bamboozling with the gun only but your wits will also be tested in different situations where tactical play becomes critical for successful mission. There are different levels, new and exciting challenges that will keep your adrenaline rushing for several hours. The game is not only about shooting but you will also experience the life of soldier in subtle ways. So, load your weapons for the Cold War era has just started again.

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